W Bro Anthony Muirhead – the Chairman of the Connaught Club – gives an update on what’s going on with the young masons in London.

At the time of writing, the Prime Minister has teased us with the prospect of a visit to a pub. As the Connaught Club is a predominantly social organisation (education through socialising), this is very welcome news. It’s just not quite the same thing on Zoom with a lousy internet connection. The Club committee is planning the calendar of events hoping that they won’t change drastically.
With the expected relaxation of the rules, the Club will be planning – in earnest – for several events to make up for lost endeavours. A ‘we’re-not-in-lockdown’ party is in the pipeline, and we are rescheduling our popular open reception. If they were not enough to be looking forward to, we should also be planning for our Christmas party. Watch out, Clubland!

I am pleased to report that the yearning for contact with people “in the flesh” has not dampened our members’ enthusiasm for the advancement of their masonic knowledge. We recently held an incredibly informative seminar on the Ancient and Masonic Order of the Scarlet Cord. We were delighted to be shown around the order by the Grand Summus, M Dist Comp Ian Currans and, perhaps a more significant accolade, Past President of the Connaught Club. He talked about the Order’s history and origins and explained the different grades conferred in the Order.

Lastly, the Club is preparing for our AGM in March. Virtual, of course, but I look forward to the evening nonetheless. I shall be stepping down as Chairman this year and am delighted to be handing over the Chairmanship to Bro Jack Thornborough. I shall be supporting the Club from the committee’s backbenches during my final – twilight – year as a Club member.

This article is part of the Arena Magazine, Issue 44 April 2020 edition.
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