An update from the Chairman, W Bro Dudley Price PAGDC

So the lockdown is now a thing of the past and we are, as I write, in the traditional Masonic holiday month of August having just had the hottest day of the year so far.

The lockdown did provide some challenges for the Club and with all the “Zooming” going on amongst the various units we rather felt that “less may well become more”. So we limited our interactions over the ether to a quiz, very kindly put together and quiz-mastered for us by W Bro Mike Neville SLGR.

It was very much a general knowledge quiz with a Masonic and – those who know Bro Mike will be unsurprised to hear – a criminal bias. Modesty prevents me from mentioning the prizeless winner; the number of competitors was select but we managed to raise £130 for Mike’s chosen charity which was the Army Cadet Force Association. Our thanks go to Bro Mike for an excellent quiz and to those who donated.

Later in the lockdown, just after we were advised it would not be extended, we managed to hold a barbecue in Kent courtesy of our current events officer W Bro Ivor Maklin PAGDC who, with the kind assistance of his wife Wendy, opened up his garden and adjacent field for a few brave souls who enjoyed socially-distanced sun, picnics and, in some instances, waiter-delivered hot food. It was challenging to get the event off the ground; risk assessments, government rules and regulations, advice, great care and attention and not least co-operation from those who attended all went to provide a welcome diversion for many, some of whom had been confined to London apartments without open space.

For the future, although things are moving towards a more normal situation, we are very aware that, given the demographic profile of the Kent Club membership (where we have members ranging in age from about 30 to around 80 years of age), many will be hesitant to travel on public transport or to come up to London. We are therefore investigating the possibility of holding a virtual Annual General Meeting and will communicate directly with the membership closer to the selected date as and when the arrangements are concluded.

For myself I would like to thank the membership for their support over the past couple of years and express the hope that very soon some brilliant scientist will find the final solution to the Covid-19 problem so that we can all get together again in safety and enjoy our Masonry in London as we always have.

This article is part of the Arena Magazine, Issue 42 October 2020 edition.
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