Support For MS Action Oxygen Chamber

The Masonic Charitable Foundation has donated £4,400 to the MS Action to aid with the running costs of their high density oxygen treatment chamber in Walthamstow. MS Action has provided complementary treatments for those suffering with Multiple Sclerosis for over 40 years. The donation from London Masons will go towards running costs for the specialist treatment not only to MS suffers but also children with autism and cerebral palsy and adults with strokes, Parkinson’s and the recovery from cancer.

Deddie Peacock the Centre’s treasurer commented,

“The donation from the MCF and London Masons is helping to run and maintain our oxygen chamber. Servicing alone costs more than £1000 per annum and rent of a large oxygen cylinder nearly £2,000 a quarter. We then need to purchase masks and hoses throughout the year. London Freemasonry’s support is invaluable”