Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice

What we do!
At Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice we help provide care for over 300 babies, children and young people every year who are seriously unwell, as well as support to their families, to help them make the most of every single day. And we support those who die young to do so in as much comfort as possible, surrounded by family.

Noah’s Ark is based in north London and has been supported by the Freemasons in London, is embarking on the biggest recruitment drive in its history to enlist 10 paediatric nurses. The charity is seeking to address the urgent need for more nurses to care for children with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.

Do you know any highly-qualified nurses… who pull funny faces?

Noah’s Ark is aiming to show a different side to a career in nursing by shining a light on the unique aspect of children’s hospice nursing, which allows caregivers to spend time and create lasting memories with the babies and children.    Noah’s Ark nurses must be highly skilled in paediatric care but also be able to pull funny faces and play hide and seek.

Our nursing team is based in our stunning new building, The Ark, which is set in a north London nature reserve. It’s a place of laughter, play and real connection, with an atmosphere that’s both supportive and inclusive.

However, the hospice has been experiencing an increasing demand for its services.  As such, we are seeking to double the number of children we support over the next 3 years.  New nurse recruits will be pivotal for this growth and will enable Noah’s Ark to care for more of the 2,400 unwell babies, children and young people in its area of provision who are in need of support.

To help us meet this demand and provide this vital support to families, we’re looking for nurses who want to spend more time with the children they look after. Palliative care experience is welcomed, but not essential.  If you’d like to know more, please click here

Can you help children who are seriously unwell make the most of every day?

Your regular support will help to ensure that those we support enjoy life as children, rather than as patients; as families, not just as carers. 

What your regular gift could make possible:
•    £3 a month could provide a baby who is seriously unwell with access to our Sensory Room
•    £5 a month could help provide bereavement support for a parent whose child has died 
•    £10 a month could help provide care for a child at the end of their life
For more information, please contact Priya,
You can also donate by cheque, made payable to Noah’s Ark Children's Hospice, at Noah’s Ark Hospice, The Ark, Byng Rd, Barnet EN5 4NP.  It would be helpful if you could quote Arena on the back of your cheque so we can monitor the success of this campaign (entirely at your discretion). 

Commenting on the hospice’s urgent need for nurses, Hayley Manley, Director of Care at Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice said:
“Many people imagine children’s hospice care is all about supporting children in their final days. In reality, our nurses spend most of their time helping children to have fun and make the most of every day of their lives. We’re looking for paediatric nurses of all levels of experience who want to spend more time with the children they look after, supporting them throughout their journeys and helping families make memories that last a lifetime.”

Isabella’s father Andy, from north London, said:
“I was terrified when Isabella was referred for palliative care because, like so many, I thought it was only for end-of-life. But the team at The Ark have enabled her to do things we never expected. I hope that by recruiting more nurses, Noah’s Ark will be able to care for many more families like ours.”

Baby Isabella, was starved of oxygen during birth, resulting in severe neurological difficulties. Noah’s Ark has been the one place where she and her parents have been able to go together throughout the pandemic.

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