Metropolitan Grand Master Hosts Summer Garden Party

On Saturday 6th July 2019 the Metropolitan Grand Master, RW Bro Sir Michael Snyder hosted a sell-out Summer Garden Party at Queensmere, an 80-acre lakeside, woodland estate, in the heart of the Berkshire countryside.

From lunchtime to midnight, 250 London masons and their families enjoyed everything from swimming, canoeing, tennis and lawn games to BBQs, live music, roving magicians and a whole host of hot and cold food, dancing under the stars and a sensational fireworks display concluding the event.


Addressing the party-goers, Sir Michael thanked W Bro Pavle Matijevic and his wife for their generous hospitality in allowing him to host the summer garden party at Queensmere once more and for opening their home to the brethren, families and friends of Metropolitan Grand Lodge.

He reported that all fundraising efforts related to the day would benefit his London Fire Brigade Appeal, an initiative to raise £2,500,000 to purchase, on behalf of LFB, two super high rescue ladders – the highest in use in Europe – to help in safely evacuating residents from high rise buildings. He added that an impressive start to the Appeal had been made but he expressed a hope that those London lodges and chapters who had so far been unable to make a financial contribution, would be able to do so over the coming twelve months in order to reach the target on schedule.

Sir Michael also expressed his deep appreciation and gratitude to those whose hard work enabled such a fantastic Summer Party to happen and to the army of London masons who consistently volunteer their time and efforts in order to make London masonry function and flourish. The Metropolitan Grand Master concluded by saying how much he looked forward to seeing everyone again at next year’s summer party.

A full report of the Summer Garden Party can be read in the next Edition of Arena Magazine