Masonic Stars Support Lifelites

London Freemasons, comedian Joe Pasquale and keyboard legend, Rick Wakeman, have become Patrons of Lifelites, the Masonic charity that gives Kids with limited life unlimited possibilities through the magic of technology. Lifelites provides children in Hospices with a package of specialist equipment to enable them to learn, play, be creative and communicate.

On his visit to Lifelites Rick said: “Working with Lifelites is going to be very special to me. To be able to help provide children facing life threatening challenges with the opportunity to experience the magic of technology in the way that many of us take for granted is indeed a wonderful thing– to me that’s simply Magic! I’m honoured to be invited to be a patron”

Joe Pasquale put his jokes aside and said: “I am delighted to support such a very worthwhile charity. As a show business personality you do get asked to support so many charities but unfortunately you simply cannot support them all, but Lifelites is marvellous, quietly beavering away providing kids with limited life expectancy unique experiences in learning and fun technology, something that would be normally denied to them. – Lifelites certainly has my support.”