London Masons Repeat Fight Against Childrens Tooth Decay

Following the success of their previous campaign to help fight dental decay amongst the capital’s children, The Metropolitan Grand Master, RW Bro. Sir Michael Snyder, has announced that London Masons will repeat this success by supporting the launch of the Dental Health “Smile” campaign, a campaign designed to educate children in maintaining dental care, by providing another 40,000 specially designed toothbrushes to Children’s wards and Hospital A&Es across all London Boroughs.

Sir Michael states “Deterioration in children’s dental health across the country is a serious issue with children as young as five having all of their teeth removed due to severe tooth decay. To fight this danger to children’s health, The Metropolitan Masonic Charity have allocated the funds to purchase another 40,000 specially designed children’s toothbrushes each impregnated with fluoride”

Worshipful Brother, Alan Hillman of the City Gate Lodge, who conceived this initiative, is working closely with Claire Robertson, Consultant in Dental Public Health to Public Health England (London) and Professor Nigel Hunt of the Eastman Institutive UCL. Plans are also in place to seek the co-operation of one of the major toothpaste manufactures to join London Masons in their campaign by providing handy sized toothpaste tubes to accompany the distribution campaign.

Added Alan, “Our previous campaign received the support form health care professionals across London. Professor Hunt put this quote in writing “Words cannot fully express my gratitude to you and your fraternity for such a magnificent contribution to Children’s Oral health in London”

Public Health England’s Claire Robertson added “Thank you so much for all your tremendous support with providing these much-needed toothbrushes for the children in London’s Hospitals. We cannot thank you and the brethren enough for your generously with our campaign”