London Freemasons – With the Community at Heart

In response to poor journalism and misrepresentation of the facts in the national media recently, on Thursday 8th February the Chief Executive of Freemasonry, Dr. David Staples, responded in the press, on television and on Radio. The main thrust of Dr. David’s response in his published “Enough is Enough” letter, was that Freemasons pay due obedience to the laws of the land, Freemasonry is not secret, any Freemason can declare themselves if they wish, however, many do not for fear of blind prejudice and discrimination.

In his letter published in the Times and other national dailies he stated “We value honesty, integrity, and service to the community above all else. Last year we raised over £33 million for good causes”

Picking up on that, David Neale, London Masons Communication Officer said, “London Masons make a valid, essential and important contribution to the community by awarding thousands of pounds of donations to smaller London Charities who provide support to the London Community in many many ways”.

David added “On top of that, it is our objective to make London a healthy and safer place to live and work by organising appeals amongst our 32,000 members to raise funds for major initiatives, such as; doubling the amount of rapid response ambulances on the streets of London; helping to fund London’s second and badly needed emergency Air Ambulance with a donation of over £2 Million; another donation of over £2 million pounds to provide Bart’s hospital with a state of the art Cyberknife radio thereby machine; and our latest appeal to save lives by raising £2.5 million to buy two badly needed high rise rescue platforms for London’s Fire Brigade, which, when in service will be the highest is use in Europe.

“Freemasonry is a cause for good, London Freemasons make an important and valid contribution in the support of the London community. We will continue to do so, despite the negative views of some in the media.”

Five new London Freemasons rapid response ambulances recently presented to London’s Ambulance service