Here are just a few stories from London Freemasons and the London Lodges that have met over the last few months .

  1. Within the W Bro Glen McDonald Inspectorate, inter-Lodge visiting is encouraged. One of the ways this is stimulated is by having our own Inspectorate cup. On 1st December 2022, St Catharine's Park Lodge No 2899, having received the Travelling Cup from Strand Lodge No 1987, safely delivered it on to Scion Lodge No 4794. All three Lodges are planning to visit each other again.

In March, the Lodge of the Double Horizon No 9269 initiated Bro Ashley Mohammed-Grange, a student at Goldsmiths University. Visitors from several foreign constitutions were in attendance. The Lodge & Chapter of the Double Horizon were founded by members of the Dormer Masonic Study Circle. Dormer has created a unique resource of books and papers concerning the meaning of the rituals and practice of Craft Freemasonry and the Royal Arch. This resource supports wide-ranging studies as the Lodge/Chapter debate and contemplates the ancient mysteries and the spiritual, symbolic and astrological meanings within Freemasonry, culminating in a truly thought-provoking experience.

One member of the Old Colfeians Lodge No 7412, together with his family, has taken a Ukrainian mother and her two daughters into their south London home. As the mother was planning to return home to be with her husband, the family decided to foster 15-year-old Yuliia. The Lodge has been raising funds to support her in her future schooling in the UK.

Marcus Vitruvius Lodge No 4985 conducted a true family affair back in February. Members of the Lodge had the privilege of welcoming their newest Brother, Nathan Cox – a 19-year-old lewis, being initiated by his father, Wayne Cox. Helping with the ceremony, Nathan's paternal Grandfather (Jeff Cox) acted as Junior Warden and escort, and Nathan's maternal Grandfather (Richard Game, Secretary of the Lodge) acted as Senior Warden and also gave the Charge After Initiation. Photo: behind Nathan is his father, Wayne. To his right, Jeff and to his left, Richard.

On 24th January in Freemasons' Hall, Cranbourn Lodge No 5188 celebrated W Bro Harold Gould's 70 years in Freemasonry. The festive board was also the place to wish him a very happy 97th Birthday. Such a (double) great occasion deserved the presence of W Bro Matthew Hampson PJGW Deputy Metropolitan Grand Master, W Bro Scott Simpson PSGD Metropolitan Grand Inspector, W Bro Thomas Batten SLGR Senior Visiting Officer and W Bro Henry Forde LGR Visiting Officer.

On 16th February, the Perfect Ashlar Lodge No 1178 raised an 85-year-old member. Clemente Anselmo Arturo Cattini was born on 20th August 1937. He soon went into music and became a prominent English rock and roll drummer, notably as part of the Tornados. He has appeared on forty-two number-one hits. In 1965, he became a session musician drumming for the Kinks, Gene Pitney, Paul McCartney and dozens more. He considers his raising in Perfect Ashlar Lodge as his number one hit.

  1. On 13th January, Bro Callum Crosby was raised in Standard Lodge No 6820 in the presence of his father, Russell, and grandfather, Colin. Callum is the 5th Generation in the family to become a Freemason.

  1. VW Bro David Taylor PGSupWks PGSwdB (RA) celebrated his 50 years in Freemasonry with Friars Lodge No 1349. David was originally appointed a Metropolitan Group Chairman in 1997 by Lord Northampton and retired in 2005. A true exponent of the New Leading Lights ethos, David continues to contribute a huge amount to London Freemasonry, as evidenced when the Lodge enjoyed his superb ritual as he took the chair to deliver a faultless initiation ceremony. A wonderful meeting and one which the Metropolitan Grand Lodge visiting team were proud to support. London Masonry at its very best!
  2. Bro Aaron Goshine, current Junior Warden at Highgate Lodge No 1366, is a computer programmer by day. But by night, he transforms into a fine artist inspired by masonic themes. Many of his creations have been auctioned at the Lodge's festive boards for charity. For the January meeting, he painted The Sun, which sold to WBro Korosh Namini for a winning bid of £110.

On Monday 16th January, Gray's Inn Lodge No 4938 was honoured to receive two guests from Switzerland: RW Bro Daniel Recher, the Grand Orator of the Grand Lodge Alpina of Switzerland, and Bro Kim Ludvigsen, of the Modestia cum Libertate 38 Lodge under the Grand Lodge Alpina. Both brethren were visiting London independently and were referred to Gray's Inn to attend as visitors. After being introduced by the DC, RW Bro Recher thanked the worshipful master Kyle Patterson for his hospitality with a beautiful large medallion and display box from the Grand Lodge Alpina. All brethren could appreciate the medallion at the Festive Board after W Bro Kyle Patterson said, "One of the joys of Freemasonry is being able to make new friends from across the entire globe, and our members were delighted to meet RW Bro Recher and Bro Ludvigsen. I regularly travel to Basel, and on my next visit, I'm greatly looking forward to once again seeing our Swiss brethren."

  1. At the meeting of John Evelyn Lodge No 5518 in Mark Masons' Hall in January, two cousins were initiated together: Mr Matthew Clark and Mr Danny Clark. They had been proposed by their grandfather W Bro Henry Stone, who acted as Junior Deacon and seconded by their great grandfather W Bro Michael Boniface, who acted as Junior Warden. The worshipful master W Bro Christopher Blackman and the Secretary W Bro John Blackman (Father and Son) shared the ceremony, being very close friends of Bros Stone and Boniface.
  2. The London Rugby Lodge is supports community youth and junior rugby in London, particularly in deprived areas. In February, five forwards from the Lodge visited Southwark Tigers Rugby Club, a central London club that regularly brings in over 150 local young people who wouldn’t normally have access to rugby and its fun, friendship, and camaraderie. The Lodge is looking at building a long-term relationship to support the club and, at the March installation meeting, voted to make an initial donation of £3,000 whilst a longer-term plan is worked out.


  1. Grecian Lodge No 3718 publishes an occasional broadsheet / Gazette for its members. This keeps those unable to attend up to date with the formal aspects and procedures but also with members' background activities, all in the name of inclusiveness. Some members have even said that the Masonic crosswords and word searches brighten their day when they can't get out! Check out or email the editor, Bro Creagh Warren .

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