W Bro Frank Berlyn SLGR reached his 100th birthday on April 20th, but due to the Covid 19 lockdown has been unable to celebrate this wonderful landmark in his life by sharing with his Lodge colleagues.

Nevertheless, the Lodge Almoner and others keep in touch by phone and Brother Frank has said that being a freemason has been the most wonderful thing in his life. He received his message from the Queen congratulating him on reaching his 100th birthday. 

Frank became a freemason in 1966 when he joined the then recently consecrated Lillistone Manor Lodge No 8030 now amalgamated to become the Lillistone Manor & Finsbury Lodge No 861 where he is an honorary member. He received his 50 year Certificate in 2016 and was a regular attendee. Brethren of the Lodge would take turns to pick him up from his home near Streatham Common, bring him to Mark Masons Hall and then take him home again afterwards. 

Frank enjoys his life at James Terry Court but cannot wait until the lockdown has been lifted. Needless to say the restrictions in place are essential to preserve life and when there is a return to some normality in the fullness of time, the celebrations of a full life both as a family man and a freemason can be shared with his masonic friends.

This article is part of the Arena Magazine, Issue 41 July 2020 edition.
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