I say this not least because, since the last edition of Arena, the world has continued to be thrown into turmoil. I have never sensed more that the values of Freemasonry and the Masonic disposition – brotherhood, charity and a cool head among many more – are sorely needed.

We hadn’t particularly planned it that way, but those themes are evidenced in the interviews my colleague, W Bro Simon Greaves has conducted for this issue. He spoke to prospective new Masons at one of our recent Discover Freemasonry events. The people he spoke to come from six different countries spread some 5,000 miles apart. These candidates for the Craft have all found themselves in the melting pot of London, and all are in search of community, supportive values and self-improvement. We have much to be proud of in that I know they will find Freemasonry immensely fulfilling. Read their stories on page 32.

I have wanted Arena to better connect with London’s rank-and-file Freemasons, particularly using the immediacy of our social media channels. In the last issue, I asked on the London Freemasons Facebook group for your tips on learning ritual; and was blessed with some fabulous replies. For this issue, I asked you about your dining experiences, and again, you haven’t let me down! You can read your comments on page 8. In return, Grand Lodge has recognised and risen to our dining challenges over the past few months, and you’ll find comment in these pages from RW Bro Warren Duke, Deputy Metropolitan Grand Master, and W Bro Matthew Christmas, Metropolitan Grand Secretary.

I would also like to congratulate Aaran Fronda, a fourth generation Brother, on his Initiation into the Kingsland Lodge No 1693. His letter to the Secretary of the Lodge, which is reprinted in part here, is everything to which  a Brother should aspire, and I wholeheartedly commend it to you.
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I hope you enjoy this issue – your feedback and comments are also always welcome. 

Sincerely, fraternally, and always inquisitively,