Canonbury Lodge Double Initiation with a notable audience

W Bro Robert Lakic PJGD, (PGSoj), MetGInsp reports


The Emergency Meeting of Canonbury Lodge No 657 held on 31st July was always intended to be an occasion shared beyond the actual membership.  As well as initiating two magnificent candidates who had waited nearly three years for their ceremonies, it was an opportunity to remind those attending of what we appreciate about Freemasonry and those important things we had missed during our long-enforced absence.


The members of Canonbury Lodge were delighted that the event was extremely well supported by Metropolitan Grand Lodge. VW Bro Jonathan Hillman PGSwdB, Assistant Metropolitan Grand Master, accompanied by four Metropolitan Grand Inspectors and several other Metropolitan Grand Officers, added considerable gravitas to the occasion. So much so that it was observed that such a high-power attendance was rarely seen at a private Lodge.



The participating Lodge officers displayed their considerable ritual skills during the Ceremony of Initiation. However, the star that shone the brightest belonged to the junior member who delivered the Charge after Initiation. Bro Geoff Morrison entranced us all by giving an exemplary demonstration of how heartfelt and meaningful this valuable piece of ritual can be.


On completing the meeting, the brethren adjourned to the local hotel for the festive board, where there was a celebratory atmosphere that further enhanced the overall experience of the day. The Escorting Officer, W Bro Martin Smith SLGR, MetDepGDC, gently oversaw that protocol was observed, and an incredibly inspirational speech was well received from the AMetGM.



After official formalities ended, the enjoyable mood continued, with the majority of attendees carrying on the festivities until the early hours of the morning. Many last trains were missed, and one unfortunate Brother suffered a fare of £110 to return home, although, as he later remarked, it was worth it!


Overall, the Lodge members agreed they had managed to achieve what they had set out to accomplish: a triumphant return that exceeded all their expectations and considered a great success by everyone who had attended.


This article is part of the Arena Magazine, Issue 46 October 2021 edition.
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