Architrave Lodge No 8065 welcomes Metropolitan Grand Inspector to Chingford

On 19th October 2019 at Chingford Masonic Centre, London E4 and in the presence of 25 members and guests, the Worshipful Master of Architrave Lodge No.8065, W Bro. Billy Warren, welcomed Metropolitan Grand Inspector W Bro. David Bailey, PSGD for his first visit to the Lodge. 

The Metropolitan Grand Inspector was treated to a ceremony of the highest quality when the WM and his officers Passed Bro. Christopher Dimond, on behalf of the Parachute Regiment Lodge No.9315, to the degree of a Fellowcraft. W Bro. David Bailey was particularly impressed by the method in which three separate brethren delivered an Explanation of the Second Degree Tracing Board in an entertaining but instructive manner. The Metropolitan Grand Inspector was escorted by MetSGD, W Bro Andrew Robbens, SLGR.