35000 masks for the homeless the carers and the keyworkers

W Bro Ronald A. Wainer SLGR 
The Polytechnic Lodge No 2847 is bursting with pride to mention that two of its members, Bro Aldo Bregasi and his blood brother, Bro George Bregasi, together with their friend (and soon to be another Brother, Arjanit Elezi), have donated more than 30,000 face masks for the homeless, carers and keyworkers. Moved by their generosity, the Lodge Secretary, W Bro Ron Wainer SLGR suggested that the Lodge also contribute. They raised donations to purchase an additional 5,000 masks.  

The two brothers are no strangers to being poor and homeless themselves. In their youth, Aldo, George and their parents were made homeless in Corfu and lived rough on Ipsos’ streets. The family was taken in by a local lady, a Good Samaritan, who let the family live in her garage. Bro Aldo said, “George and I will never forget the kindness this lady showed us. We always like to help the less fortunate whenever the opportunity arises. With my business partner Arjanit, we decided to buy these masks to help those most in need of protection.”  
They run several businesses, including a fast-food restaurant in Walsall. Before Covid struck, they kept a ‘loving table’ outside the restaurant where the homeless could sit and receive free food and hot drinks from the restaurant. 
After witnessing first-hand the devastation from the Covid-19 Pandemic, Bro Aldo said: “We wanted to help not only the hungry and the homeless but also the keyworkers who have been working tirelessly with little PPE.” 
The two brothers delivered the masks to the Reading Central Branch of the Salvation Army. The Minister of the Church, Major Richard Welch, started handing out masks that same day to schools, carers, the homeless, the poor and the vulnerable. 

Photo: (from left to right) W Bro Colin Crosby LGR, Bro Aldo Bregasi (FC & main donator), W Bro Ron Wainer SLGR, Major Richard Welch Salvation Army Minister.  

This article is part of the Arena Magazine, Issue 44 April 2020 edition.
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